E677 Week 8 #S6S


I have included this website on one of my rabbit hole digs on the faculty that were listed in this week’s section.  


Funny, as I read through the content this week, I found a tool that Christina posted regarding a particular math tool.  As an alumni from the Big Ten, I noticed the Hoosier connection… Just to see what I would find-I googled Indiana University and Connected Learning and found this result.


One of my biggest driving passions for fixing and supporting technology within post-secondary education is the belief that my work and positive outlook will continue to improve digital literacy for contemporary students and help improve educational outcomes for at-risk students.  That is why, when I was reviewing the assigned readings this week, I became quite interested in the Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age Initiative.  I did see mentioned within the website a particular partnership with the NWP ( 😉 ) However, I love the mission statement of the project.


As I sit I and type these six items this afternoon, I realize today that I am writing on an auspicious day about youth and civic participation.  I think this link really does speak for itself.


A peer from my class posted this article (thanks Kristin!!).  This first sentence sums up much of the conversations that I have with administrators at colleges (Just providing the technology for classrooms is not enough…) This article epitomizes much of my work that thoughtful use and promotion of technology creates outcomes.  One outcome that I can already determine from this class, is that I want to have to create my own connected learning network to be both flexible and responsive enough that I can promote successful digital outcomes for the classroom.
I googled Connected Learning and Canvas and I found this website.  I think this website is another example of the concepts that we are talking about… including examples of how Twitter can be used to improve Connected Learning.  

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